Development Team:

Lucas Podgurski: Arts, Programing, Sound Effects, Level Design.

João Carias: Soundtrack.

Kelvin: Game Design.


Mouse: Aim / Shoot / Magnet(Collectable)

Keyboard: W A S D move 8 directions.

Space-bar: missile(Collectable)


A simple people that lives on Planet Loon, depends from the resources send by other most evolved Planets in the galaxy. The Planet is hungry, but now even more,  your resources has been stolen by an organization of space pirates, and with out credits to survive, even less to pay a rescue or security to your suplies.

But an adventurer that was raised in a simple planet, and one day has landed in Loon, has been warned about the attack to the main transport space ship.

And then he decides to help the people tha one day gave him protection, food and learning, withou having less than the half of resources of his hometown. 

Now's your chance to be thankful for the care and knowledge tha the people of Loon gave him.

With a little spaceship, called StarFighter, IronHand decides to do the possible to help.

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